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Kremer Signs are the largest supplier of external and internal office signage to the property sector, covering everything from fascia’s to internal wall maps

When looking to make your office space stand-out from the wealth of other competitors in your sector, all aspects of your advertising must be high quality and consistent with each other, including your office signage. A striking and professional design immediately gives the best first impression to potential businesses and from the start gives you an edge over your competitors. 

With over 30 years’ experience in office signage, at Kremer we understand how to translate your office space and area into an effective, eye catching sign that presents it as the next office for a business that’s just starting or already established.

For outdoor office signage, we recommend usingMirror and Reflective Boards as being relatively new to the market, they’ll give off a unique, high-end and original look that would give you an edge over your competitors. Our Mirror Boards can be created on different types of boards so we can find the best one that perfectly complements your business, property and area. 

All of our boards and signage are designed with your requirements and deadlines in mind and made to the highest quality. Our process involves 3 stages: design, manufacture and installation. 

Our in-house design team is highly skilled and experienced, working to translate your ideas into the ideal, eye-catching design. They’ll identify the best materials, types of illumination and fixing methods, suitable for your brand, achieving a consistent, high-quality finish.

When it comes to manufacturing, with our 4 state of the art INCA Spyder printers, we produce some of the highest-quality boards on the market, priming all of our correx material to ensure a strong bond between the inks and the material. 

With our skill and experience, we can work within tight deadlines and our dedicated team of installers will work around the clock to ensure that we meet your standards in a prompt and professional manner.

All of our boards go through a UV drying process which after print ensures the best possible bond between the inks and the Correx, making them highly durable, even in the harshest elements.


Window Displays At Kremer Signs

If you've got a business headquarters with windows that face the main streets then take advantage of that opportunity. Get yourselves some window displays, on those windows. There is no doubt that window displays aren't just an effective way to get the word out about your company and business, but it is also an incredibly reasonable method of advertising in a creative way. The great part is that you've got Kremer Signs to make the perfect window displays for you and your business using the best types of window graphics. To provide you with an insight on the workings of the window displays at Kremer Signs, here are the types of window graphics available at Kremer Signs.

Types Of Window Graphics At Kremer Signs

At Kremer Signs, there are three types of window graphics that you can opt for to create some great and different types of window displays. The great thing is that each of the different window graphics has different properties and, therefore can be used for a variety of purposes. So, no matter what type of window display you might want, you will always be able to achieve it at Kremer Signs.

Bespoke Window Logos

Bespoke window logos are ideal for placing advertisements on the windows of your office. It is applied to windows from the inside, which makes it ideal for creating large window displays on office windows that are located on the top floors of buildings as they will not retain any damage from the outside. Window displays using bespoke window logos are both easy to apply as well as easy to remove. They are also incredibly colourful and therefore, eye-catching.

Full Window Wrap

Full window wraps just as the name suggests, are used to create window displays that cover entire office windows, which are quite large in themselves and are usually floor-length windows. This is also a two-tailed sword due to the fact that by using the full window wrap graphics you can both advertise your business and add some privacy to the full windows in your office. So, feel free to create strategic window displays using this window graphic to help your business stand out and catch the eye of those who are passing by. Remember, the strength of this window display lies in its size.

Frosted Vinyl Graphics

Frosted vinyl graphics are one of the most premium quality window graphics that you can use as the base of your window display. They can be installed in the windows of your business from both the outside as well as the inside and are quite popular for businesses, such as restaurants. The great thing is that you use cutting as an easy way to resize your frosted vinyl window display at any point, such as when changing the design like adding in your logo and brand name. Frosted vinyl graphics also make for impeccably aesthetically pleasing window displays as the natural light allows it to illuminate from both sides.

So, don't hesitate and contact Kremer Signs today to get the best window display made for your business.


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Have dealt with Tom for years - highly rated!

Have always found Tom to be competitive and respond swiftly to requests. Very happy to recommend.

Andy Overman

Kremer signs are amazing!

Gary at Kremer signs has been a life saver and has helped me on numerous occasions. They are able to provide creative solutions and the quality of the boards they create for us is great. Thank you for always being so helpful and quick!

Sophie Forrest

Steve and his team always provide…

Steve and his team always provide excellent customer service all throughout the process from start to finish. Always on hand to answer queries that may arise. Would highly recommend this company and their services. Fantastic job as always.


Ryan Little is absolutely amazing

Ryan Little is absolutely amazing. New sign requested by me at 4:45pm artwork and quote with me in less than an hour. I thought I'd have to wait days. Fantastic company, would highly recommend.

Wendy Ellis

Joe is the man ...

Joe is the man to talk to if you need For Sale Boards

Adam Friend

Thank you Ryan for being so helpful

Thank you Ryan for being so helpful and so patient with me. You allowed me the time and support to get the design just how I wanted it. Fantastic service. Much appreciated.

Wilbur Maine

Toms a great contact to have

Toms a great contact to have, works hard and responsive

David Blythman

Great service from Ryan today

Great service from Ryan today. Helped get my order processed and to the correct specification quickly. Well done and thank you!

Paul Clarke

Will use again

Thanks to Gary at Kremer signs for the quick turn around time on the boards we ordered for Langshott School's summer fair. We also ordered some new for sale boards and country homes boards and they look great. Fast efficient service and quality board production. I will be using again.

Bruno Sandilands

Excellent service from start to finish…

Excellent service from start to finish from Tom and his design team. They put up with various tweaks etc and were very patient. Excellent board design now and can't wait to see it on the streets.

Ian King

Great service and boards!

Kremer has been my preferred board supplier for many years now. Tom and the team provide excellent service and great quality boards, at the best price. With some of my requests being made with not much time for production, Tom always steps up to the challenge and succeeds to provide me with my requests in ample time. Thanks Tom for all of your help over the years (and for many years to come..!)

Hanna Forrest

Excellent service and great product

Tom has always provided a prompt, efficient and friendly service when ordering, and the product is always first class. Well done the Kremer signs team!

John Vickery