Wall Maps

A wall map is a nice touch intern to your office to reinforce the fact that you know the area inside out, and can showcase the extent of the coverage your office/branch can offer.

The wall maps themselves can be supplied in 3 different ways, all of which are more than suitable, but have their own benefits.


Dibond Wall Map

Dibond maps we can digitally print direct to the sheet and this can be produced at any size, but may require to be made out of two sheets dependant on the wall size. The map will then be mounted to the wall via steel spacers in each corner, so it will stand proud slightly from the wall.


Acrylic Wall Map

Acrylic is an excellent way of protecting a map which is going to be touched on a regular basis. The acrylic sheet will be mounted to the wall via steel spacers, and then the graphics will be applied direct as a vinyl overlay.


Flex Face Wall Map

Similar to the Flex Face fascia’s but on a smaller scale, the map will be produced onto a tensioned banner on an aluminium frame which is 100mm in depth from the wall. Behind the tensioned banner will be an LED light sheet, which will illuminate the whole map, giving off a very impressive visual effect to bring your office to life. The banner/skin itself is also replaceable which makes the map very easy to change if you would like to display a different area.

Concept to reality! Kremer Signs were proud to supply & install the new signage for #Dexters #EstateAgents in… https://t.co/8TbTLYMcag

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